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Smard Features

Make your files
work and services pop

File Search

In business time is too valuable to waste on ineffective file search. Our ediscovery feature gives users rapid access to their files by analysing the content and showing up proper results in seconds. Simply enter a keyword or a phrase and the smard dashboard technology will do the rest.

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Preview sentences in PDF’s

Finding scanned files has never been easier. With our smard dashboard optical character recognition software, users can search their files by keywords and phrases and preview sentences in fastest way with out wasting valuable time. The smard dashboard will do the hard work in analysing your files for you and your business in the back end.

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Smard for Everthing

you can backup computers, laptops, netbooks, Windows Servers, Mac computers, including any external or network storage attached to your computers with Smardoncloud dashboard On a home computer or mobile device? No problem, open Smardoncloud dashboard web to access backed up files and share securely with your colleagues.

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Straightforward & Easy to Use

We honour ourselves on building a platform that is spontaneous. Our central dashboard lets you access all high-level stats. This can range from storage consumption, bandwidth usage and user activity etc.

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Save and Secure

Smardoncloud supports on-the-fly encryption and decryption of your files. Want to edit an encrypted file? Then just type in your password and the file will be available for editing in Google Docs or ready for mobile viewing. You can also enable password protection for shared files and folders, an expiration date for the download, and a delivery notification when accessed to ensure a safe delivery. Smardoncloud encrypts your files before they leave your machine, securely transfers your files, and stores them on encrypted servers using military grade 256 AES Encryption.

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Why Smard Dashboard


Smard Dashboard is the most practical lifetime cloud storage available today.
Smard Dashboard is designed to store data from all external and internal media to the cloud for a lifetime. Your hard drives may die, but your data will live on with Smard dashboard.



– Your external drive files are subjected to deletion if you forget to reconnect your external drive to your computer.

– Your data is not encrypted before leaving your machine. Who knows what can happen with data privacy laws in the future?

– Your current cloud solution can limit the number of external hard drives that can be backed up. Over time you can accumulate more and may need to abandon older ones to protect newer.

– If you want to retire your computer, older files must be recovered to newer or they will be deleted.

– If you delete a file, it will also be removed from your online storage after a certain period of time.

– No network drive support for home users.

We make your memories
more memorable

A.I. Photo Detection

An innovative way to explore your memories. Smardoncloud dashboard has image discovery. You can now find photos by the objects that appear within them.

Facial Recognition

Empowering you with the latest technology Our in-built facial recognition engine will keep all your photos organized by creating thumbnails of each person. Upload photos from your camera roll, or connect your social media accounts to see it in action. Tag and name your friends, family and pets. You can also find possible matches to increase the accuracy of the feature.

Digital Memories Faster

Stay connected to your data Smardoncloud dashboard Home is the new way to quickly protect and manage all your photos, videos and files. It automatically backs up and centralizes all your content in one safe place. Access all your files from any device with our easy-to-use platform.

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